Thomas R. Mullen Attorney Quincy MA

Before we start, say “Quinzee” not “Quincee.”

All the other 18 places named “Quincy” used the “c” sound while we in the City of Presidents use the “zee” sound to correctly pronounce the City’s name.

We are proud to say Quincy is the City of Presidents–formerly the home of the only father and son Presidents–John Adams and John Quincy Adams. While it is true Tom Mullen and John Adams do have something in common–Tom was not a President–but both are Attorneys. In fact, Attorney John Adams even represented the British soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre. Attorney John Adams is also the author of the Massachusetts Constitution, the oldest written Constitution in the world–older than even the U.S. Constitution.

When you visit the law office of Attorney Thomas R. Mullen in Quincy you can also visit the birthplaces of these two Presidents. We Quincy folks know that even though their birthplaces are in Quincy they weren’t actually born in Quincy. No, the birthplaces were not moved. As those neighbors in next-door Braintree proudly remind us all the time, these other two Quincy attorneys were born in Braintree. Quincy was part of Braintree in colonial times. So these Quincy attorneys (Presidents both) have their birth certificates displayed at Braintree Town Hall.

Quincy MA

Quincy does not have the birth certificate of Attorney Thomas R. Mullen displayed anywhere!

When I was young and no–I wasn’t a pal of John Quincy Adams either–the Mayor of Quincy was also a Massachusetts State Senator and Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee. We now have four MBTA stations in Quincy. Funny how that happened. What’s also funny is to see the tourists in Quincy Center with their brochures looking for Quincy Market–which of course is not in the City of Quincy but rather is in the City of Boston.

Then of course we have Long Island (not New York), our island off Wollaston Beach connected to Quincy by a bridge–but owned by the City of Boston.

Some people–not those from Quincy of course– believe the name “Massachusetts” comes from the Algonquin native Indian name for a “big hill”–the Blue Hills. But any Quincy native will tell you that it comes from that earthen mound at the end of the Beach on Quincy Shore Boulevard– The Moswetuset hummock– which was the seat of Chickatabut, the Chief of the Sagamore Indians.

And of course Wollaston Beach itself is named for that Pilgrim rascal–that party animal Richard Wollaston–he needed more than a Quincy attorney to help him out. It seems in 1625 he, Thomas Morton and some of their cohorts left Plymouth and erected a Maypole in Quincy, in what we now call Merrymount. And what a merry mount it was in 1625 and for good reason. To put it mildly, they had a drunken party mostly with Indian maidens; were arrested; and ultimately thrown out of Massachusetts by Myles Standish of Mayflower fame.

Tom Mullen Quincy Attorney

If all this is too boring for you, another person in need of a good Quincy lawyer was Jack Nicholson in the movie “The Departed.” Filmed in and around Quincy, Jack Nicholson’s death scene was filmed at the Quincy shipyard. Now closed, the Quincy shipyard was founded by Thomas Watson, the assistant to Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone. During World War II that shipyard turned out hundreds of naval fighting ships including the U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. WASP, then the largest vessel in the world.

So, now you really know why Attorney Thomas R. Mullen is proud to be located in historic Quincy.