Why does Thomas R. Mullen practice in Quincy MA?

I’m asked this question all the time. Quincy is hot!

My roots are in Quincy. My first elderly clients were my own parents who asked me to protect their home in the Wollaston section of Quincy along with their small cottage in Marshfield and their even smaller life savings. I learned they would be like all my future clients.

All law practices other than elderlaw revolve around different parts of the law i.e., Criminal Law; Corporate Law; Real Estate law; etc. But elderlaw is different. It revolves around the elderly and the myriad problems they face; i.e.: estate planning, people with disabilities, trusts, crisis asset protection, guardianship and conservatorship, Medicaid, and finally, Probate.

Tom Mullen Elder Law Lawyer

Elderlaw attorneys, like Thomas R. Mullen of Quincy, do not serve the rich and the faceless corporations. Elderlaw attorneys assist elderly citizens enabling them to pass on a modest inheritance to their children. The elderly everywhere, not just in Quincy, want to know their home is safe. Additionally, they also want to live out their final years in dignity. I’ve found Quincy to be an ideal city to grow my practice. When I was a young boy living on Wollaston Hill in Quincy I had a newspaper route. An early mentor in my life was an elderly customer on Hillside Avenue. His house, though no larger than others, was different from any other house in Quincy. It had an orange tiled roof, just like those Howard Johnson restaurants of the day. Howard Johnson lived in that house. I not only received a twenty-five cent weekly tip, but was always told about the importance of customer service.

I transitioned to elderlaw in the ’80’s. Eventually through hard work and years of attending educational conferences across the country, I mastered the Medicaid (MassHealth) maze.  As a local North Quincy High grad. and the oldest of six children, it was and still is difficult to step out of the Quincy office without bumping into someone I know. Over time my practice has grown to the point that I now make home visits to those North and West of Quincy.  Quincy has four MBTA train stations and our office is a leisurely two minute walk from the Quincy Center T. With the Big Dig now complete, the ride from Medford or Arlington to Quincy is only half an hour. Quincy highway redevelopment is now in place, and the Burgin Parkway directly connects Quincy Center with the intersection of Routes 3 and 128.

Quincy MA

So, if you live North or West of Quincy I will meet you at your own home or you can drive to see me in Quincy–City of Presidents. In a later blog, we’ll learn about other former Quincy neighbors of Attorney Thomas R. Mullen, including a professional baseball manager; the top relief pitcher of his day; a famous actress; and even a Pulitzer Prize winning author.