Defining Supplemental Needs Trusts

How are Supplemental Needs Trusts Defined?

What items and expenses can be distributed?

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Distributions ‘Supplement’ but do not Replace Assistance.

Distributions from a Supplemental Needs Trust cannot be made on behalf of the  Beneficiary if the effect of such distribution is to replace, or to disqualify a Beneficiary from receiving Government Assistance. The Trust asset is available to the Beneficiary as only the Trustee chooses or directs. The Trustee must  refuse any payment request from the Beneficiary for services for which any public agency has the obligation to provide.

Examples of Allowable Distributions: Appropriate Non­ support payments on behalf of a beneficiary include but are not limited to, payments for any of the following purposes:

1) medical, dental, and diagnostic work and treatment for which there are no available private or public funds;
2) medical procedures, even though they may not be medically necessary or life saving;
3) differentials in cost between housing and shelter for shared and private rooms in institutional settings;
4) supplemental nursing care, rehabilitative and/or occupational therapy services;
5) care appropriate for a beneficiary that assistance programs do not otherwise provide;
6) expenditures for travel, companionship, and other expenditures that will improve the quality of the Beneficiary’s physical, emotional, psychological, and or spiritual health.

See the Following List on the next page for a more detailed account of allowable and disallowable items.      

List of Supplemental Needs Allowable & Disallowable Expenses

Allowable Items & Services
Appliances, Washer/Dryer, Refrigerator, Microwave, etc
Automobile, Insurance, Gasoline and Repairs/Maintenance
Computer & Software, Tablets, Smart
Phones, etc.
Hearing Aids
Hobbies and Activities of All Kinds
Household Products
Life Insurance
Medical Devices
Personal Care Items
Pets of any kind
Televisions(Regardless of size)
Vacations (Anywhere in the World)
Wheel Chairs & Mobility Assistance Devices
Allowable Recurring Bills
Cable T.V.
Cell and Telephone  Services
Internet Services
Insurance Payments

This is Not an Exclusive list Please Call if you have any questions. 617­-770-­1050

College Tuition, Books, Room & Board
Camps, Day or Overnight
Charlie Cards
Chiropractic Therapy
Elective or Cosmetic Surgery
Entertainment Expenses­ Movies,  Baseball, Football
(Sports of All Kinds) Concerts,  Plays, Museums etc.
Dental Care
Facial Care and Hair Removal
Hair Care (Color, Implants, Extensions, etc.)
Lessons (Music & Art)
Home Care & Supplemental  Caregiving
Allowable Recurring Bills
Home Improvements
House Cleaning
Medical Care which is not covered by insurance
Physical & Occupational Therapy
Travel Expenses
Taxi Cabs
Veterinarian Bills
Food & Groceries
Home Owners or Renters Insurance
Taxes of any kind
Utility Bills Including Oil Gas, Water, & Electric

Disallowed Items if only on SSI

Food & Groceries
Home Owners or Renters Insurance
Taxes of any kind
Utility Bills Including Oil Gas, Water, & Electric