You know the Uniform Gift to Minors Act (MGLA Ch. 201A) was created in order that a gift to a minor can be titled in the minor’s name by using a custodian without the need of a trust. You know how to request the court to approve a settlement for a minor by using that statute. When the minor […]


Everyone knows the rule (but they really don’t) that if you enter a nursing home after a three-day stay in a hospital, Medicare will pay the nursing home bill for a while. That is simply not the case. For the last few years, in a cost-cutting ruse, Medicare has been cajoling hospitals not to admit patients to the hospital, […]

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What is Medicaid?

Federal Law defines Medicaid as health insurance for those who are needy. It is funded jointly by the Federal and State governments. It covers children, the elderly, as well as those who are disabled. Those who are eligible to receive income from the Federal government (SSI) are automatically eligible for Medicaid. Others must meet either strict income or asset […]

Special Needs Trust & Supplemental Needs Trust

In estate planning, people often wish to leave property or funds to loved ones who are on Medicaid, and /or those who receive Supplemental Security Income. Unfortunately, making such a person a beneficiary in a trust can sometimes jeopardize their right to continue receiving such benefits. In accident cases the Federal government can place a lien on the property […]

Tom Mullen on Wills

Most of us want to be remembered long after we pass away. We also wish to leave something behind to help out the next generation. As the end of our lives approach, we realize that accumulated blessings and wealth cannot be taken with us, but rather must be left behind. The idea of creating a will to designate exactly […]